Gigantium is a sports hall with more than 6000m2 DIN-approved Boflex Champion with linoleum surface on top.

The hall is based on a flexible system of props, mobile telescopic seating and other amenities that make the hall suitable for virtually all types of events.Gigantium consists of four handball courts: three are used for training and the fourth is a match path. Around the court are placed 3228 seats, which can be increased to a total of 4528 seats. The hall is approved for 8500 people.

Key benefits:

  • Progressive shock absorption
  • Almost impossible to overload
  • High-level performance
  • Finished floor height 26mm without top-layer

Boflex carries the unique combination of a built-in shock absorption material and a stable construction that can withstand almost unlimited loads. This makes the floor system ideal for venues with multi-purpose usage (schools for examples) and large arenas. The uniform performance suits children as well as adults, with good bounce and friction. Even after twenty years, Boflex performs as day one.

Tests conducted by SINTEF (formerly The Norwegian Building Research Institute) shows that Boflex surpasses all its rivals and performs exceptionally well when being used by children and adults protecting body joints from shocks.

Boflex offers flexibility to accommodate your needs. Due to its extremely low building height, it is well suited for renovation purposes.