Airbus Helicopters

The installer, Mr. Barrère, writes to us after handing over the keys to the owner: "We installed Actiflex, it's a real success!"

The owner of the Couleurs Locales company, Jean-Michel Barrère, has known BOEN Sport for years. His team has already laid down a Boflex system in 2012.

For the EUROCOPTER / AIRBUS Helicopters activity room at F-13700 Marignane, Jean-Michel Barrère sought a versatile and quick solution. The BOEN distributor, Réso Marseille, suggested BOEN Sport Actiflex, a floating sport syemtem. The customers, the company Airbus Helicopters loved the warm colors of the oak.

Today, Airbus Helicopters employees in Marignane can relax, practice table tennis and bodybuilding and even holds its team meetings in the renovated room

Distributor: Reso Marseille

Installer: Jean-Michel Barrère

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Greater deformation for flexibility
  • BOEN Click locking technology
  • Wide range of natural colours
  • No specialist tools required
  • Finished floor height 29mm

Actiflex is an area elastic sports floor with high deformation for greater flexibility and comfort. It has a resilient foam for optimum energy and sound absorption – ideal for a Studio or Gym.

When you have limited time to renovate your venue, Actiflex offers short installation time. BOEN Click locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation with a perfect result - no specialist tools are required.

Actiflex can also be produced in a spectrum of colours to create a visually calm and comfortable atmosphere, for example for Hotel and Spa or Health Institutions.