Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa

Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa

A venue intended for various types of sporting events, concerts, conferences, fairs and exhibitions.

The venue is the largest and the most modern facility of this type in the region.

Key benefits

  • Ideal for squash courts
  • Levelling opportunities
  • Finished floor height 66mm

Singleflex is especially developed for different building heights and uneven levels of sub-floor. With a wide choice of colours available, it is the perfect combination of functionality and looks.

Singleflex is a sports system topped with beautiful, natural hardwood. It is available for elastic top layer in the Athletic version.

Whether your venue has different building heights or uneven levels of surface, Singleflex provides levelling opportunities. Singleflex is also the preferred choice for Squash courts, meeting the World Squash Federations requirements.

The hardwood floor system offers the right combination of bounce and friction to accommodate for the tough impact on the athletes body.