Arenaflex Flexbat Stadium

Ideal für

  • Fitness & Tanz
  • Hotel & Gesundheit
  • Arenen & Sporthallen
  • Schule & Multifunktion


  • Extrem belastbar
  • Fußboden-Heizung

Arenaflex Flexbat Stadium, the multi-purpose sports floor.

Areanflex Flexbat is an area-elastic engineered sports floor offering a combination of rigidity and comfort suitable for sports halls, dance halls, gymnasiums and recreation halls.

The Areanflex boards are installed on top of BOEN Flexbat Battens which incorporate rubber pads providing the deformation and shock absorption needed according to European Standard EN14904.

Produced to production CE standard EN14342 and suitable for installation over underfloor heating and available in 3-strip European Oak, Beech, Ash and Canadian Maple all pre-finished with sports lacquer.