Nottingham Universität

Eine 3.840 m² große Universitätssporthalle, sieben neue Squashplätze und ein Fitnessraum.

Um den Sportbereich der Nottingham University zu stärken und die strategische „Vision für den Sport“ umzusetzen, entschied sich die Sportabteilung für den Bau eines neuen, 40 Millionen Pfund teuren Sportzentrums. Es entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit David Morley Architects und Kier Construction. Für die zentrale Sporthalle wählte man Boflex Stadium Eiche. Arenaflex Elevation Stadium Eiche kam im Fitnessbereich zum Einsatz. Und Arenaflex Stadium Eiche Noir Squash schließlich auf dem neuen, dunkel-elegant gehaltenen Squash-Showcourt.

Boflex carries the unique combination of a built-in shock absorption material and a stable construction that can withstand almost unlimited loads. This makes the floor system ideal for venues with multi-purpose usage (schools for examples) and large arenas. The uniform performance suits children as well as adults, with good bounce and friction. Even after twenty years, Boflex performs as day one.

Tests conducted by SINTEF (formerly The Norwegian Building Research Institute) shows that Boflex surpasses all its rivals and performs exceptionally well when being used by children and adults protecting body joints from shocks.

Boflex offers flexibility to accommodate your needs. Due to its extremely low building height, it is well suited for renovation purposes. The floor system is suitable with underfloor heating, for rolling loads and allows both hardwood and elastic surfaces (Boflex Champion).

Tests show that the system can withstand an almost unlimited load, due to the special built-in foam under-structure that can never be compresses more than 50% making the system suitable for tackling the heavy weight grandstands.

Boflex must be installed on an even and selfsupporting sub-floor, or on top of an existing floor.

Senior Project Manager at Kier Construction Chris Thompson commented, “It was acknowledged during the tender process that the flooring to the hall would be the centre point of the scheme. With this in mind both Boen and Pica Floorings Ltd where selected as their track record in schemes of this nature is impeccable. The finished product is a testament to the quality of Boen products and the workmanship and experience of the Pica installation crew. I look forward to the opportunity to working with both parties again.”