CAD Drawing

Before installation

Planning the installation of the floor is a very important step. Many variables must be considered and not only related to the sport that will be practiced.

Have consultants who guide you and help you in this delicate phase is extremely important. BOEN Sport has qualified advisers who can answer all your questions and find the perfect solution for you.

Climatic conditions

BOEN Sports floors are dried to 7.5+- 1% moisture content which is the equivalent of furniture wood.  This must be taken into account when installing the floor.  All windows and doors must be in place and all moisture generating work completed well before installation of the floor commences.

The room must be heated to a minimum of 15 °C with a maximum RH between 30% and 65 %. Ensure that the room is kept 30% - 65 % at a relative humidity and temperature of 20 °C.

BOEN Sport packs should always be stored in dry conditions and do not open the packaging until the floor is to be installed.

Sub-Floor requirements

The sub-floor must be stable, self-supporting and level.  The maximum permitted deviation is 3mm per 2 meter radius.If the sub-floor does not satisfy these requirements it will be necessary to make adjustments, either by planning or filling in. Please check also local standards for for compliance.

Special requirements to new buildings

2 layers of 0.2mm plastic membrane, which is taped at the joints (overlap 40-60cm), must be laid over the sub-floor prior to the installation. The plastic membrane gives extra protection against moisture, but is NOT a moisture barrier for the concrete/sub-floor.

The relative moisture content of the sub-floor must be below 90% or 75% on the surface. Where concrete is concerned it is necessary to measure the moisture at points a minimum of 10cm into the floor.

Practical experience has shown that newly laid concrete floors should be dried for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the installation.