BOEN Sport Squash Surface

BOEN can supply World Squash Federation regulation matt finish squash floors with a number of species to suit your installation requirements.

BOEN Sport squash surface has been developed for modern day usage and has been factory sealed and sanded to a 60 grit finish for squash performance.

The unique squash surface is available in Oak, Ash and Beech within all Stadium systems.

Our squash surface meets the requirement from the players with a friction of 0.59 tested according to DIN 18032-2. Boen Squash Flooring has been approved World Squash Federation Accreditation, who satisfied the requirements of the WSF Accreditation Scheme.

Special rough surface for optimal friction

Sanded to a 60 grit finish, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of top-finish


Temperature & Humidity

Before, during and after installation the temperature and humidity should be maintained between 30-60% relative humidity with a room air temperature of 15-20° Celsius as per the World Squash Federation recommendations.


A maximum permitted deviation is ±3mm per 2meter radius using a straight edge unless one of the BOEN Sport Elevation Systems is to be used.  Max 2% vol humidity (CM Method) or RH < 90% when using a probe test.   Local standards and testing methods may vary.


A satisfactory ventilation system should be installed to give good air distribution according to regulations whilst at the same time keeping the Temperature & Humidity at the required levels as above.

Cleaning & Frequency Maintenance

Surface dust can significantly affect the slip resistance of a floor which should be removed on a daily basis using a broom or vacuum cleaner, to remove shoe & ball marks it is recommended that the BONA SuperSport system is used sparingly when required.

When cleaning the walls and glass polythene sheeting should be used to cover the BOEN Squash Surface to prevent water and cleaning materials coming into contact with the floors

Further Treatment

The BOEN Squash surface has a special treatment to achieve the correct friction rating required for squash performance.

With the exception of regular maintenance as described above BOEN Squash does not require any further treatments after installation.