Cleaning & Maintenance

Your new BOEN Sport floor will continue to give excellent training conditions for many generations to come.

If you want your BOEN Sport floor to stay looking as good as the day you bought it, we recommend starting a regular system of maintenance from day one. The amount of maintenance your floor requires will depend on how you use and treat it. 

BOEN Sport’s many years of experience and research has resulted in a collaboration with BONA which supplies easy to use, specially adapted and effective maintenance products. If the floor is well taken care of, it will remain beautiful for decades!

Take care of your BOEN Sport floor: follow BONA's instruction and use BONA's products.

Basic cleaning

Basic cleaning is carried out by using a floor-care machine with a very low water consumption. After basic cleaning the apparatus frame covers must be opened to allow any excess water which may have seeped in, to evaporate.

Routine cleaning

After every day of use, the sports floor must be cleaned by dry mopping. This is necessary for reasons of hygiene, to remove dust, hair, light dirt, sweat etc. from the surface. Intermediate care should be carried out once or twice a week, depending on the usage of the hall.

NB! Take care not to over-wet the floor.

BONA SuperSport Products: