Shock Absorbtion

The correct shock absorbtion in your venue guarantees a comfortable playing surface and minimal injury to the users, children and professional players.
Performance standards and testing methods ensure certain requirements are met for particular levels of sport: tests relate to the interaction of the ball and player to the surface.

European Standard EN14904 is often regarded as the highest standard for surfaces of sports floors for multisport use. All BOEN sports floors meet the demands of the five test elements within EN14904.

The following table shows the great performance of Boflex system compared to area elastic and point elastic floors.


What is important to note is the shock absorbtion between 30kg and 55kg. These figures show us how Boflex reacts when children are jumping and falling on the floor. Boflexsystem from BOEN Sport guarantees a softer landing for our small athletes.

The interaction between the surface and the player when running, landing or falling is complex, involving the stiffness of the surface and it’s shock absorbency, the force of the impact between the player and the floor surface, and the energy returned or lost to the player.

For most sports a moderate level of stiffness is required.

3 categories of Sports Floors

Sports floors are divided into three different categories: area elastic, point elastic and combi elastic. The difference is due to the characteristics of deformation.

BOEN Sport specialise in area elastic floors because are suitable for all kinds of indoor sports and also for multi purpose usage, e.g. exhibitions, events, etc.

In addition, area elastic sport floors are considered more durable than other systems.

sport floor categories