Fitness Centre "City Gym"

An extraordinary concept lies behind the City Gym.

The fitness studio is operated by L&T, the “experience-based” department store.

Whether surfing on the Hasewelle ‘standing wave’, training at a (simulated) altitude of 2,500 m or a gym visit during lunch, there’s guaranteed to be something for every sport lover and fashionista here.

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Greater deformation for flexibility
  • BOEN 5G Click locking technology
  • Wide range of natural colours
  • No specialist tools required
  • Finished floor height 29mm

Actiflex is an area elastic sports floor with high deformation for greater flexibility and comfort. It has a resilient foam for optimum energy and sound absorption – ideal for a Studio or Gym.

When you have limited time to renovate your venue, Actiflex offers short installation time. The BOEN 5G Click locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation with a perfect result - no specialist tools are required.

Actiflex must be installed on an even and self-supporting sub-floor or on top of an existing floor. It is also easy to extend, pick-up and relocate. Actiflex can also be produced in a spectrum of colors in 215mm format to create a visually calm and comfortable atmosphere, for example for Hotel and Spa or Health Institutions.