Sport hall in Walbrych

The sport venue is part of The AQUA ZDRÓJ Sports and Entertainment Hall.

The hall has 2000 seats located in the stands, and in the case of development of the arena plate (e.g. during stage events) the hall offers a total of 3000 seats.

In the upper part of the audience, there is a separate VIP sector as well as sports and TV commentators' workstations.Because the Hall also has a spectacular function, there are, among others, concerts and cultural events.

The arena measures 48m x 28m with a height of 12.5 m. You can place one full-size basketball court, volleyball court, handball pitch, indoor football pitch or 3 split training pitches at once with the use of net-curtains.

As one of the few in Poland, the floor it is made of high quality Canadian Maple and has been laid on a special, technologically advanced system of amortized joists. As a result, this court meets the highest NBA standards and allows playing world-level basketball matches and other indoor sports, significantly affecting players' safety.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for uneven sub-floors
  • Easy to handle
  • Possible to incorporate insulation & Underfloor heating
  • Finished floor height from 77 mm to 147 mm

Arenaflex is designed for venues with different building heights and uneven levels of a sub-floor. This area-elastic sports floor offers a combination of rigidity and comfort, which makes it versatile and practical for sports halls, gymnasiums and recreation halls.

Arenaflex Elevation System is a resilient hardwood floor laid onto a highly durable cradle system. It is suitable for installation with underfloor heating systems and insulation. Arenaflex is suitable for new constructions as well as renovation. In addition, construction time can be reduced as no levelling compound or similar is needed. Arenaflex is easy to handle and transport as it is delivered in practical pre-cut and fixed lengths.